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We are currently offering more than 4,000 chemicals in stock. These include many fine chemicals such as esmolo hydrochloride, 1-ethyl-2,3-dioxopiperazine, oxprenolol succninate (CAS# 97399-56-9, tienoxolol hydrochloride (CAS # 97067-66-8), and Orlistat (CAS # 96829-58-2). Major classes of chemicals are: unnatural amino acid, hydrazine, piperazine, 5-member 6-member heterocylic compounds, and organometalic catalysts.. We provide chemicals from reserach scale to large industrial production scales. Please download the PDF catalog for a complete list of our products.


Please submit you inquiry for quotation via e-mail. We offer additional discounts to our customers who order our chemicals regularly.


Tel: (510) 219-6317


All products are sold purely for research or manufacturing purposes only. They are not intended for human, veterinary and household use. The products under the valid US or international patent protections are offered as reference standards or research tools to conduct relevant scientific inquiries. It is buyer's responsibility to comply with the rules and regulations.









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